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Welcome to your new gym...

At CrossFire Fitness our mission is to be a gym where anyone can come, get fit and feel healthy. Our extensive experience in the fitness industry allowed us to format an experience and a facility to include what aspects we have found to be vitally important to clients of all fitness abilities. If your goals are to lose weight, tone up or just maintain, we are confident we can help you achieve those goals. If you just want somewhere to go to stay active or you want to take your fitness game to the next level, we got you covered! Since showing up can be the hardest part, we strive to make sure that everything else is taken care of by us.


CrossFire Fitness is centered around a certified coach led 30-minute HIIT camp incorporating total body strength and cardio. What sets us apart from other bootcamp style gyms is that we incorporate All-Access Members to utilize the gym 24/7. We understand how expensive a gym membership can be and want our members to be able to take full advantage of the facility to meet their goals. Nutrition and progress tracking also play very important roles in the overall fitness picture, which is why we offer those services as part of the All-Access Membership. All specialty camps including WERQ, Stretch camps, Strength training, Vinyasa Flow, Sunday Fundays + more, are included in your All-Access membership at no additional cost.

Message us on Facebook or email us to claim your first camp free ! 


  We can't wait to meet you!


Owner/Coach Angel  



IMPACT - TOTAL BODY: 5a-5:30a, 5:50a-6:20a, 8:35a-9:05a, 4:45p-5:15p, 5:30p-6p


QUADZILLA - LOWER BODY: 5a-5:30a, 5:50a-6:20a, 8:35a-9:05a, 4:45p-5:15p, 5:30p-6p 


CHAOS - CARDIO FOCUSED: 5a-5:30a, 5:50a-6:20a, 8:35a-9:05a, 4:45p-5:15p, 5:30p-6p



JACKED - UPPER BODY: 5a-5:30a, 5:50a-6:20a, 8:35a-9:05a, 4:45p-5:15p, 5:30p-6p 


FUELED - TOTAL BODY: 5a-5:30a, 5:50a-6:20a, 8:35a-9:05a, 4:45p-5:15p, 5:30p-6p 





SUNDAY FUNDAY - Several workouts to choose from; members can come in to complete those workouts as a group or individually on their own.

WERQ Times TBD, follow our Facebook Page for schedule updates 

IMPACT MONDAYS: Total body HIIT focused on all major muscle groups.

QUADZILLA TUESDAYS: Lower body HIIT targeting legs and glutes. 

CHAOS WEDNESDAYS: A mid-week boost with fast paced cardio. 


FUELED FRIDAYS: Rounding out the week with total body HIIT

STUNNER SATURDAYS: Something different each week! Could be core, could be cardio, could be total body or all of the above! Get here to find out! 

WERQ: The wildly addictive cardio dance class based on trending pop + hip-hop music. Join the dance party to learn pre-choreographed workouts and new cardio-boosting routines!

Watch our schedule for pop-up specialty camps included in the All-Access Membership! Classes will include but not limited to: Yoga, Strength Training, Core, and more!

Contact us to sign up for a FREE 7 day trial! 

All Access Membership

  • Unlimited camps/classes

  • Full access to the gym during non-camp times

  • Nutritional services

  • Optional progress tracking

  • All specialty classes included


6-month membership $165/month

12-month membership $145/month


Gym Access Only Membership:

  • Full access to the gym during non-camp times

  • $10 drop-in fee to attend camp/class.


6-month membership $50/month

12-month membership $40/month

Discounts extended to spouses of All-Access Members. 

Police Cars
Discounted rates on All-Access Memberships are available for our public safety and military clients. 

Our Clients Say

"I remember driving to CrossFire Fitness' open house and signed up as one of their first members. It was the best and first decision I've made solely for myself in the last five years. As a busy mom of two toddlers, balancing my husbands ever-changing work schedule, my own career, being a wife, I always put myself last. It showed in my lack of energy, my poor diet, my low self esteem, and being the heaviest I've ever been in my life. I knew I needed to change and I'm so incredibly happy it was with CrossFire Fitness! The coaches encouraged and pushed me and the classes challenged me both physically and mentally. The entire CrossFire Crew truly feels like a family that roots for each other, respects and loves one another.


I remember struggling through the warm-ups when I first started in June. Now, I am lifting heavier, gaining muscle, losing weight in a healthy way, and doubling up on classes! I've since lost 35lbs and am down two pants sizes! I love feeling comfortable in my own skin again and chasing my babies around all day without needing a nap! My husband noticed these changes in me and is now part of the Crew too! My passion for CrossFire Fitness runs deeper than the physical and mental health benefits it has provided me. I truly look forward to going to the gym and challenging myself with each workout alongside my friends!"

Janice X.



CrossFire Fitness

3879 Packerland Dr

Ashwaubenon, WI 54115

Angel 920-713-6388

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